Donald Trump is “irritated” and “annoyed” and his White House has become “scary” for everyone there

Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller has been infected with a deadly virus. She’s married to Stephen Miller, an aide Donald Trump relies upon heavily. You’d think that even the pathetically sociopathic Trump would be able to conjure up a bit of empathy for Katie Miller of all people.

But no, according to a surreal New York Times report today, Donald Trump is merely “annoyed” that she’s tested positive. That’s right, annoyed. This comes after Trump’s own personal valet has tested positive, and reports that the coronavirus is running “rampant” in the White House behind the scenes. If this is a large scale outbreak, then statistically speaking, some people in Trump’s White House will end up dying from it.

But all Trump cares about is himself, of course, which is why he’s now “irritated with people who get too close to him,” according to the Times. But we still don’t see Trump or the people around him wearing a mask, because that might look bad, and apparently Trump still thinks it’s better to look cool than to stay alive. Not all of Trump’s handlers appear to agree with him.

Trump adviser Kevin Hassett went on CBS on Sunday morning and said that going to work at the White House is “scary” right now. This is a correct assessment. But the problem isn’t just that there’s a coronavirus outbreak underway in the building. It’s that the boss is a half senile and fully narcissistic conspiracy theorist whack job who won’t allow basic precautions to be taken to prevent the outbreak from getting worse.

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