Iran sticks it to a crippled Donald Trump

Earlier this week Palmer Report explained that if Iran really is behind the attack on Saudi Arabia, as Donald Trump claims, then it’s a sign of just how crippled Trump is. Trump has been sniffing around for a peace deal with anyone who might take him up on it, including the Taliban. If Iran attacked Saudi Arabia as a way of creating a worldwide oil shortage and forcing Trump to come to the table with hat in hand, that sure would be something.

We still have no idea if Iran was behind the attack. Donald Trump keeps strongly implying that this is the case, but he’s provided no evidence. Tellingly, even the Saudi Arabian government isn’t accusing Iran of being behind it. Either way, whatever has played out here, it’s left Iran with the upper hand. To that end, Iran just flexed its muscles.

If Iran thought that Trump was about to launch a serious military strike – or more to the point, if Iran thought Saudi Arabia was about to tell Trump to launch a military strike on Iran – then we’d be seeing Iran trying to negotiate with Trump in the hope of saving its own hide. Instead, MSNBC and others are reporting that Iran has informed Trump that it has no interest in negotiating with Trump, unless he’s willing to reinstate the terms of President Obama’s earlier deal. Yes, that’s the deal that Trump ripped up awhile back in a hissy fit.

Iran understands that Donald Trump couldn’t be much more crippled right now. He’s far too unpopular in the United States, and far too lacking in political muscle, to benefit from any sort of major military action. Trump is also too terrible of a strategist to figure out how to spin these latest events in his favor, and Iran knows it. Iran is taking advantage of the fact that the current President of the United States is a vulnerable, powerless punchline who’s waiting to be finished off.

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