Donald Trump caught trying to bribe Iran into bailing out his dying presidency

When Donald Trump ripped up President Obama’s peace deal with Iran, he did it for no good reason. Moreover, Trump falsely insisted (and continues to falsely insist) that Obama shoved a bunch of American money at Iran as part of the deal. That never happened, as Obama simply unfroze some of Iran’s existing assets. But now it turns out Trump is so desperate to cut a deal with Iran, he’s actually considering shoving U.S. money at the Iranian government.

Donald Trump’s problem is that he’s failed at every foreign policy gambit he’s tried. The G7 hates him. North Korea keeps walking all over him. He’s failed in Syria, failed in Iran, failed in Afghanistan, and so on. He’s desperate for a peace deal he can hang his hat on heading into 2020, which led him to invite Taliban terrorist leaders to Camp David, which blew up in his face. This has reportedly left Trump turning back to Iran to cut a “deal” that would be far weaker than the one he’s already ripped up.

Trump is now considering floating a $15 billion dollar line of credit to Iran, according to the Daily Beast, just to convince Iran to come back to the table and cut a deal with him. This deal is reportedly being negotiated by France, which means it might actually be legitimate, but there’s a problem here.

In order for Donald Trump to cut this weak new deal with Iran, he’ll have to go out and try to convince everyone in America that his deal is somehow better than the one he ripped up, if he wants it to help him in the 2020 election. That was already going to be an extraordinarily tough sell. Now that his humiliating plan to bribe Iran with a multibillion dollar credit line has been exposed, he’ll probably throw a fit and rip up this deal too.

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