Insiders confirm Donald Trump’s Michigan stunt is all for show and has zero chance of working

Donald Trump’s meeting today with Michigan state legislators is shameful and illegal, but as Palmer Report has explained, it’s not something that can actually go anywhere. It would be illegal for legislators to give Biden’s electoral votes to Trump, meaning the courts would simply overturn it anyway. It’s a complete non-starter.

But if you don’t want to take our word for it, check out this tweet from Politico’s Tim Alberta, who is confirming from people on the inside of this mess that they all know it’s not a real thing: “Just FYI, after 48 hours of high-level conversations with Michigan Rs & Ds, it’s clear the results will stand. Joe Biden will receive the state’s 16 electoral votes. There is no alternative under MI statute. This Trump/Michigan GOP meeting is a sideshow on par w/ Rudy’s presser.”

In other words, this is all for show, and nothing more. Whatever anger or outrage you’re feeling over Trump doing this stunt, it’s more than justified. But there’s no need to feel fear that it’s somehow magically going to work. It was never a real thing.


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