Is Rudy Giuliani mentally incapacitated?

It’s all too convenient to dismiss the political figures we don’t agree with as being idiots, dopes, or morons. Oh wait a minute, those are the words that Donald Trump’s own advisers have used to describe him. But you get the idea. Not everyone playing for the other side of the political fence is a buffoon, or a crazy person, or mentally incompetent. On the other hand, there’s the case of Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy used to sound like a smart and savvy and rational guy (whether you respected the job he did or not) back when he was running New York City a couple decades ago. During the election he was clearly a different guy. He sounded cartoonishly unhinged enough that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow once said on air that he sounded “nuts.” But the 2016 version of Rudy was quite well put together in comparison to the new and unglued version of Rudy that has suddenly emerged over the past few weeks in 2018.

Giuliani somehow convinced Donald Trump, who is clearly suffering from worsening mental and cognitive problems of his own, to let him take over the Trump-Russia legal defense team. Rudy promised he would magically end the investigation within a week or two, and then revealed that his plan to make it happen was to try to convince Trump to give what would be a crippling interview to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. When Trump didn’t take the bait, Rudy went on television and flat out admitted that Trump committed several felonies. Then he announced that, by confessing to these felonies, he had made the investigation into Michael Cohen go away. Nope, we checked, the investigation is still there.

There are only two explanations here. One is that Rudy Giuliani is intentionally putting on the most horrifically self defeating “defense” of Donald Trump he can think of, because he wants Trump to be quickly ousted. The other explanation is that Giuliani is mentally incapacitated. No mentally competent person behaves like Rudy is acting right now. So is this all an act, or is Rudy halfway to being a vegetable?

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