In the end, Donald Trump will have to beg Andrew Cuomo for mercy

– At some point in the next 58 days Donald Trump will likely attempt to preemptively blanket pardon himself on any and all federal criminal charges he might end up facing. But this isn’t a magic wand for him. His attempted self-pardon will likely be overturned in court. And Trump can’t even try to pardon himself on state charges. The only person who can pardon Trump on the state charges he’ll face in New York? Andrew Cuomo. We all know the odds of that are zero. But Trump will have to humiliate himself by begging Cuomo for a pardon anyway.

– Last night Trump tweeted “we also won the election!” What does that mean? Is he trying to carve out some delusional middle ground where Biden won, but he also won? Like they’re co-champions? They’ll split the presidency now? Somebody get this man a straitjacket already.

– It’s worth noting that even though Donald Trump and his (now former) lawyer Sidney Powell tend to post the same kind of false nonsense about the election results, Twitter suspended Powell for twelve hours and didn’t suspend Trump. Something is very wrong when Trump has free rein to tweet things that even his lawyer isn’t allowed to tweet. It’s time to suspend Trump’s account permanently.

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