In over his head, Ron DeSantis just caved

Even as most of the media (on the right and left) spent the first half of 2021 portraying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a savvy villain whose rise to the top was going to be inevitable, Palmer Report instead saw a witless weakling who couldn’t even figure out how to carry out the one-dimensional tactics he was trying to copycat from Donald Trump.

As Florida has become the nation’s hotspot for the COVID Delta variant in recent weeks, it’s become more clear to everyone involved why we were always expecting DeSantis to end up tripping over himself. In a foolish effort to appeal to his too-small base, DeSantis has been trying to punish school districts that dared to implement mask mandates for students. DeSantis even went as far as to threaten the salaries of school board members.

Of course this didn’t work for DeSantis. It was a silly threat that he couldn’t realistically carry out, and one that wouldn’t dissuade any determined school board members anyway. Throw in the fact that polls show 62% of Floridians opposing DeSantis on this matter, and sure enough, he’s finding he’s got no leg to stand on.

So now Ron DeSantis is caving on the issue, while trying to make it look like he’s not caving. The Miami Herald newspaper is reporting that DeSantis is now reduced to calling on school board members to withhold their own pay instead. No really, this is happening. That’s just how weak and ludicrous this guy is.


Keep in mind that if Ron DeSantis loses reelection in Florida in 2022, no one will have to worry about him in the 2024 race for President. One recent poll has DeSantis one point behind in his reelection bid. It’s time to get behind Democratic candidates like Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist for Governor or Florida, and put an end to DeSantis’ deadly idiocy.

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