Democratic leader of House impeachment committee issues warning to Donald Trump

Now that the misleading Devin Nunes memo stunt has backfired spectacularly in Donald Trump’s face, he’s left trying to find a way to prevent the Democrats from releasing their own memo which exposes the Nunes memo as a fraud. The cold hard reality is that the Democratic memo will surface eventually. Now the leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, where impeachment proceedings begin, is weighing in on the matter.

Congressman Jerry Nadler recently became the Democratic leader of the House Judiciary Committee after the unexpected retirement of John Conyers. This means that Nadler is in line to become Chairman of the committee if the Democrats take the majority in the November elections. Here’s what Nadler had to say on Twitter about the memo controversy: “I read Nunes memo, Dem response, and source material-in my view: the Schiff memo lays out an accurate description of the government’s case against Carter Page, the Nunes memo deliberately distorts the record for partisan purposes. Trump cannot hide from the facts forever.”

This is important because if the Resistance does its job and hands the House majority to the Democrats this fall, Nadler will play a key role in initiating the impeachment process against Trump. Nunes committed felony obstruction of justice by writing an intentionally dishonest memo aimed at sabotaging the Trump-Russia investigation, and Trump became criminally complicit when he signed off on the memo’s release. It’s also widely suspected that he and his people largely wrote it on Nunes’ behalf.

This memo stunt will become yet another article of impeachment against Donald Trump once the Democrats take over. Jerry Nadler’s strong stance against this memo is worth paying attention to, because it helps point to how he’ll prioritize the impeachment charges. Of course the Democrats will bring articles of impeachment for every one of the dozens of felonies Trump has committed, before and since taking office.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report