Donald Trump just got really bad news about his impeachment

All along, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that she wasn’t going to impeach Donald Trump unless and until things were such that it had a chance to work. After all, if she had brought articles of impeachment three months or six months ago, not only would it have failed, it would have made it a lot harder for her to successfully impeach him now. So she knew what she was doing. The thing is, the numbers now say that she’s nailed the timing perfectly.

Donald Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower scandal is so horrifying, so easy for the average American to understand, and it so thoroughly has Trump’s own fingerprints on the wrongdoing, it’s the perfect scandal to drive his impeachment. If you want confirmation, just look at the latest numbers.

The new YouGov poll says that 55% of Americans “strongly” or “somewhat” support Trump’s impeachment if it’s proven he threatened to withhold military aid to push Ukraine into going after Joe Biden. The new Morning Consult poll, which simply asks if Trump should be impeached, period, only shows 43% of Americans in favor of impeachment – but that’s up six points over the past few days. In addition, seven percent of Americans have now dropped their opposition to impeachment, which suggests that this scandal is changing the minds of some people who had been standing by him.


As more evidence surfaces in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal, and as more people hear about this evidence, the pro-impeachment numbers should keep rising by the day. This will place pressure on the Republican Senators, because they’ll have to fear that the voters will punish them in 2020 if they try to protect Donald Trump in this scandal.

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