Donald Trump goes completely bonkers after he figures out he’s going to be impeached

Impeachment is coming – and the only people who don’t know it are those politically naive folks who don’t know how to read between the lines when Democratic House leaders spell out where this is going. It turns out even Trump now understands impeachment is coming, and his response to this revelation is, shall we say, illuminating.

Donald Trump is afraid to even speak the word “impeachment” and instead refers to it as “the I-word” – much like the Harry Potter characters who were afraid to speak Voldemort’s name – according to a surreal new expose from the Washington Post. Trump is talking about suing House Democrats if they impeach him, with no apparent awareness that the law doesn’t work that way. Trump is also worried that impeachment will further erode the “legitimacy” of his presidency. That’s remarkable, considering how few Americans consider his presidency to be legitimate to begin with.

The truly intriguing part of the WaPo article is the revelation that Donald Trump’s loyalist advisers are telling him that impeachment will somehow magically make him more popular and help him win in 2020, whereas the serious political advisers around him are telling him that impeachment would be nightmare for him.

This tells us a lot. The only people in Donald Trump’s circle who claim to believe that impeachment would benefit him are the “loyalist” butt kissers who always tell him whatever he wants to hear. This means no one in Trump’s camp actually thinks impeachment would be a good thing for him. Trump is rightly so afraid of impeachment, his own coddlers are trying to calm him by telling him that it’ll somehow work out in his favor.

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