Donald Trump is in need of immediate medical attention

Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted that the Moon is part of Mars. Either he’s thoroughly lost his grip on the English language to the point that he’s no longer able to put words together in remotely coherent fashion, or he really does believe that the Moon is part of Mars; you can take your pick as to which one is worse. But the fervor over the Moon-Mars thing is actually secondary to what really went wrong with Trump’s brain yesterday.

Back in mid-May, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that we’re going back to the Moon. Accordingly, NASA has since begun talking openly about it. Various internet sleuths have pieced together that Fox News aired a segment yesterday about NASA going to the moon just moments before Trump’s bizarre tweet. This means he was watching Fox and heard about his own initiative from three weeks ago, didn’t realize or remember that it was his own initiative, decided it was stupid, and attacked NASA for it.

That’s right, the President of the United States is so far gone, he doesn’t even recognize his own recent initiatives when he hears them announced on television. He’s that far gone. He doesn’t even know or remember what he’s announcing. Nevermind that he then turned around and declared that the Moon is part of Mars; this whole thing was completely off the rails before he even arrived at the unwitting punchline. Donald Trump is in need of immediate medical attention, of the psychiatric variety.

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