Over the past few days, Rudy Giuliani has made clear that his legal strategy now consists of yelling increasingly incoherent things on Twitter, and hoping it somehow magically keeps him from getting arrested. One of the things to watch is whether Rudy’s recently arrested co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman end up concluding they need to flip on him.

Last week the news surfaced that the Feds have subpoenaed Igor’s brother to testify against him, in an apparent attempt at forcing Igor to cut a plea deal. We’re presuming that sidekick Igor would flip on money-man Lev, who would then have to flip on screeching rat turd Rudy. But Igor had a clever idea for not having to flip on anyone: he would simply go into court today and argue that they should let him go. No, really, this was his strategy.

Igor Fruman’s legal team argued in court today that his ankle monitor should be removed because he’s not a flight risk. As flagged by Raw Story and BuzzFeed, the judge took one look at the fact that Igor was arrested while attempting to leave the country on a one-way flight, and – presumably after stifling a laugh – rejected the request.

This is a procedural development, but it matters in the sense that Lev and Igor are already resorting to absurd legal maneuvers that have virtually zero chance of working, which means they don’t think they have a snowball’s chance of winning at trial. Once Igor strikes out on a few more of these nonsense moves, he may conclude it’s time to go ahead and flip on the others.

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