Prime Minister of Iceland gives Donald Trump the finger

Greenland and Iceland would love it if everyone else in the world would stop confusing them for each other. Now it turns out Greenland and Iceland would love something even more: if Donald Trump were gone from power. If you’ve been awake at any point this week, you know why Greenland despises Trump. Now it turns out Iceland is ticked off as well.

Yesterday Donald Trump announced that he was blowing off his upcoming trip to Denmark, specifically because Denmark is refusing to sell Greenland to him. At the time, Palmer Report asked aloud if this was really what happened, or if Denmark had disinvited Trump in disgust, and Trump was merely “canceling” his trip as a result.

It turns out Mike Pence is set to visit Iceland next month, and the Prime Minister of Iceland has decided to be out of the country at the time. She’s diplomatically blaming it on a trade conference she has to attend in Sweden, but it’s not difficult to parse that she’s snubbing Pence, who is visiting on behalf of the Trump regime.

We’ll see if Mike Pence even goes through with the visit, considering the humiliation he’ll face of arriving in Iceland while its leader is busy making a point of not being there. Either way, it looks like Iceland hates Donald Trump and his regime as much as Greenland does.

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