President-elect Joe Biden just sent a message to ICE and Border Patrol

– Joe Biden’s new Department of Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas is an immigrant. ICE and Border Patrol both answer to DHS. That’s right, the racist agents at ICE and Border Patrol will now have to answer to an immigrant. Can’t wait to see how Mayorkas cleans house and works to right the embarrassing, deadly, and criminal wrongs of our immigration policies over the past four years.

– Not only is Joe Biden appointing John Kerry as his Climate Czar, he’s putting John Kerry on the National Security Council. That’s right, we’re about to have a Climate Czar on the National Security Council. It’s about time.

– Several of Joe Biden’s top White House personnel picks have leaked, and notably, none of them are also named “Biden.” The days of Trump’s corrupt nepotism are over.

– Tweet of the day from @RhutaBhayga2: “Spoke with a family member this evening who’s a Trumper. She and her husband are now disgusted by his refusal to concede, and the subsequent endangerment that his actions are causing with Covid and our Democracy. They’re done supporting him.”

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