I told you Bill Barr’s election “probe” wasn’t going anywhere

Shortly after Donald Trump began firing people yesterday out of frustration over his election loss, Bill Barr emerged from hiding and with a press release about a “probe” into the election results. It was clearly just another dead end Bill Barr probe, just like the last several dead end Bill Barr probes, not designed to go anywhere, but rather to keep Trump sated so Barr wouldn’t get fired. But it nonetheless freaked a lot of people out.

If you want further evidence of just how big of a nothing burger Bill Barr’s new probe is, all you need to do is look at how negatively Donald Trump’s closest allies are viewing it. They’re ranting and raving to the Daily Beast about how Barr’s probe isn’t actually anything, and won’t actually do anything.

Trump’s people are correct, of course. If Bill Barr had any interest in sticking his neck out to try to help Donald Trump rig his way to a second term, he’d have done it before the election – or at least while the vote counting was still going on – back when he might have had an ever so faint chance of getting anywhere with it. Barr is clearly done. He’s just trying to make Trump think he’s still in the game. It couldn’t be much more obvious. Even Trump’s own people see it.

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