I have had enough!

This loathsome, vile, disgusting, sanctimonious, hateful, contemptible, smug, hypocritical pile of human shit called — for the purposes of identification I will only dignify her by using her full name once — Marjorie Taylor Greene called a press conference in her office after Twitter banned her for 12 hours. Greene then went on to prove what a Nazi pile of human shit she is — but, I repeat myself, just in case anyone has any doubts about who and what she is.

A reporter pointed out to her that young people and skinny people have died from coronavirus. Greene has notoriously and falsely asserted that coronavirus is a disease for the old and the obese, people who matter less or not at all in her book. This human douchebag laughed. Greene actually doubled over with a huge smile and a loud cackle because she thinks it’s positively hilarious that human beings have lost their lives because of this awful disease. And just in case you might think she was laughing about something else she said this to the reporter: “You crack me up.” Yeah, that’s right Greene. What the reporter said was hilarious. What a kidder that one was. It is to laugh.

Before Greene demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is a moral criminal of the most detestable kind, she also showed herself to be a scumbag over-dramatizing drama queen. A reporter asked her if she had been vaccinated. Greene said the question was a violation of her HIPAA rights. No it wasn’t, and as a phoney pile of human excrement posing as a member of Congress she ought to know that. Being as I have absolutely no respect for her whatsoever as a human being I’m going to presume she was lying instead of merely being an ignoramus, because lying about it is slightly worse than being stupid. Unfair? I hope so. Greene doesn’t deserve fairness. I reserve fairness for human beings.

Now, I don’t want to educate Greene by accident because as a member of the most horrible kind of Nazi scumbag gang of Trump-licking hypocrites she doesn’t deserve a free education. So I say this for your sake, brothers and sisters, not for hers. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, was created to protect people’s medical records from fraud and theft, and address limitations on healthcare insurance coverage. A reporter asking an alleged member of Congress (Greene casts doubt on Joe Biden’s legitimate election therefore I am casting doubt on hers) if she is vaccinated, particularly when the moron in question has caused the deaths of her constituents by casting doubt on the efficacy of vaccination, is not a HIPAA violation. It’s a legitimate question. In fact it’s a question she must answer if she wants to prove she has a shred of human decency. And of course she doesn’t.

Since Greene refused to answer I’m going to assume that Greene has been vaccinated herself because 1) she would be boasting about it if she hadn’t been and 2) because she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. I reserve the benefit of the doubt for human beings and Greene isn’t a human being. Because she is scum. She also went on a transphobic rant that I won’t go into because it’s too disgusting to repeat.

I have had it with jackasses and buffoons and liars and human scum like Greene. I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more. And neither should you, brothers and sisters. Every minute this thing remains an alleged member of Congress she is a further assault on its sacred ground. She is a one-person extension of the January 6th insurrection. I have had enough with her and Republicans like her! I have had enough! I have had enough! Let me just say that one more time for emphasis: I have had enough! And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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