Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine scandal just took a much uglier turn

Donald Trump is now telling people to ingest disinfectants and inject sunlight into their veins as a miracle cure for coronavirus. But before Trump was pushing these insane and potentially fatal treatments, he was dishonestly insisting that a dangerous malaria and lupus drug called hydroxychloroquine was a risk-free coronavirus miracle cure.

Trump stopped promoting hydroxychloroquine right around the time a government study revealed that coronavirus patients who took the drug actually had a sharply higher chance of dying. All along we all knew that Trump was pushing the drug for some corrupt reason. Now we’re learning about just how dark and ugly Trump’s scheme was, and just how many people would have died if it had gone into action.

Even as Donald Trump was on stage making false claims about hydroxychloroquine, the Trump regime was hatching up a plan to “flood” New York and New Jersey with as many as 29 million doses of the drug. This is according to a lengthy and stunning new expose from Vanity Fair, which includes internal emails showing that various Trump officials were complicit in this scheme to poison millions of people with a harmful drug.

Earlier this month the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump has three family trusts that own stock in the largest manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine, and that some of his cronies have even bigger financial connections to the drug. This scandal isn’t going away. Considering the scientific evidence that says hydroxychloroquine kills coronavirus patients rather than saving them, this is some kind of unraveling mass murder plot.

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