Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine scandal just got even uglier for him

No one knows yet whether hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating coronavirus, and it is well known that hydroxychloroquine has serious and potentially fatal side effects, yet Donald Trump keeps fanatically pushing the drug as a harmless miracle cure. Now Trump’s financial motivation for pushing the drug is becoming more clear.

Last night the New York Times reported that all three of Donald Trump’s family trusts have money invested in Sanofi, a major brand name manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine. In addition, one of Sanofi’s largest shareholders is a major Trump donor named Ken Fisher. Oops.

Over the weekend, Palmer Report pointed out that because Donald Trump is sinking further into cognitive decline, he probably isn’t the “mastermind” behind whatever scam he’s trying to run with hydroxychloroquine, and that it was more likely that his advisers or associates were the ones putting him up to it. Based on this new information, there need to be congressional hearings on what, if any, communications Trump and Fisher had about hydroxychloroquine.


This comes after yesterday’s revelation that Novartis, a drug company that once tried to pay Michael Cohen to influence Donald Trump’s policy decisions, is mysteriously donating 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine for use in the coronavirus crisis. What is going on here?

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