Donald Trump is trying to hurry up and finish the job

Donald Trump only has another two weeks to go as president, despite the delusions being pushed by right-wing conspiracy theorists that he’ll somehow magically get another term on Tuesday that the GOP is foolishly playing along with. Even some of the people on our side are dreaming up yet some other fantasy where Trump is more powerful than he actually is – even though we’ve largely been seeing the opposite of Trump winning and/or getting his way since the 2020 election ended, with the near certainty that he won’t be looking at a peaceful post-presidency.

January 6 is sure to be a memorable display of right-wing buffoonery with probably a few of them getting themselves arrested in Washington while Republicans in Congress disgrace their own careers over officially counting the electoral votes, but it’s hardly one that we should be wasting our energy on. By setting your sights on that day, you probably missed the fact that on his way out the door, Trump is still nominating right-wing judges to rubber stamp the Republican agenda long after he’s out of office.

Thirty new nominees have been sent to the Senate, including Chad Wolf for Homeland Security, despite the blatant abuses he helped commit in that department in an acting capacity. Should Democrats retake the Senate, something they can only do by making sure Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win their two respective runoffs in Georgia on Tuesday, January 5, they can put a stop to this desperate part of what Donald Trump is hoping will be his legacy.

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