This new Hunter Biden story is a complete farce

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is facing a paternity suit from a woman named Lunden Alexis Roberts, who claims that Hunter is the father of her recently born child. This is a serious matter between Hunter and Roberts, and of course for the well-being of the child. And to the extent that Hunter is a public figure, it’s a public news story.

But it’s not a Joe Biden scandal. This story simply does not involve Joe Biden on any level. Still, that hasn’t stopped some major media outlets tried to spin it into “more trouble for Joe Biden” after he’s had a few other trouble spots this week. This is ridiculous to the point of being false reporting. You want to know what would make this a scandal? Imagine if the story were that Joe Biden illegally paid off the woman on his son’s behalf. Then it would be a Joe Biden scandal. But in reality, this has nothing to do with Joe at all.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Junior met with Russian government representatives in an illegal attempt at altering the outcome of the election, almost certainly at Donald Trump’s instruction. Donald Trump stole money from Eric Trump’s children’s cancer charity. Jared Kushner has a relationship with the Saudi Crown Prince that would make Benedict Arnold cringe, and Donald Trump is obviously involved. These are Donald Trump scandals, because he’s involved, and more to the point, because he committed felonies as part of his role in these scandals.

When Rudy Giuliani criminally conspired with a Ukraine politician to manufacture a phony scandal involving Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, almost no one bought into it, and the media quickly dropped it. But the problem is that it made the media thirsty for an actual Joe Biden scandal involving Hunter. This paternity matter is 100% not a Joe Biden scandal, but some in the media are going to pretend it is anyway – and their coverage is a complete farce.

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