Donald Trump suffered a humiliatingly senile moment during his Tulsa rally

Between the hilariously small crowd, the lengthy monologue about not being able to walk down a ramp, and the ugly racial slurs, you might be tempted to overlook a certain moment during Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally which revealed just how far gone he truly is in the cognitive department.

As Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities have gradually failed him over the past several months, he’s begun losing his ability to understand what it is that he can or can’t say out loud. That may seem like an odd thing to say about a guy who has spent his entire political career blurting out horrible, offensive, random, and stupid things. But there are plenty of things that Trump makes a point of not telling us about. It’s not like he’s ever bragged during one of his rally speeches about how he cheats on his taxes, or what Vladimir Putin tells him during their secret phone conversations.

Yet during Trump’s rally speech, he flat out admitted that he asked his advisers to slow down coronavirus testing in the United States, so that the number of confirmed cases would remain low. Of course Trump told his advisers this; it’s not a surprise. But this is one of those things that Trump absolutely could not afford to admit out loud, because it’s literally a murder confession. Yet Trump just blurted it out anyway. His White House now says he was just joking. Yeah right.

To give you an idea of how serious this is, if Donald Trump loses the election and ends up on criminal trial, and the charges include negligent homicide for the coronavirus tests, his “slow the testing down” remark will be entered as evidence against him. This is the kind of mistake that a mentally and cognitively competent person doesn’t make. His confession that he slowed down the testing isn’t just a murder confession; it was a humiliatingly senile moment. What’s left of his brain is rotting rather quickly now.

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