Huge victory today in the battle to save the Postal Service from Donald Trump

– Federal judge has emphatically ruled today that the Postal Service must put things back to normal. This doesn’t mean the Post Office battle is entirely over. More fighting to be done. But Trump and DeJoy weren’t just going to magically get away with it. To be clear, the courts have the kind of subpoena enforcement and punitive power in these matters that a lot of you mistakenly think the House has and is refusing to use.

– The courts have kicked the Green Party off the 2020 ballot in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. To give you an idea of how big of a deal this is, if it had happened in 2016, Trump probably wouldn’t be in office right now.

– Now Bill Barr is leaking that he’s going to bring criminal charges against the Mayor of Seattle. LOL. He obviously can’t do this. He’s desperately trying to paralyze us with fear, by pretending he has muscle he doesn’t have. If Barr could actually do this stuff, he’d be doing instead of running his mouth about it. Barr is so ineffective of late, he couldn’t even get the case against Michael Flynn thrown out, or stop the arrest of Steve Bannon.

– Trump is 8 points down, which is a blowout. He’s behind in every swing state, some of them severely. Yet all we can talk about is how he’s going to magically win. This is why he’s making so many scary threats. He’s finished, but he’s trying to distract us from finishing him off.


– When you run around yelling things like “Trump is getting away with it all” and “he’s a dictator now,” what you’re telling people is that there’s no point in voting against him. You’re playing for Trump’s team by spouting that histrionic rhetoric. Knock it off.

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