Donald Trump howls in agony as it all goes wrong for him

After a full day of not appearing in public, and half a day of not even bothering to tweet anything, Donald Trump is now trying to make up for it by going totally overboard with his posturing.

An hour ago Trump tweeted “STOP THE COUNT!” This merely elicited eye rolling among observers, because if the vote counting were stopped nationwide right now, Joe Biden would actually win the Electoral College, thanks to Arizona and Nevada.

Now Trump has posted this particularly surreal tweet: “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!” To be clear, this is nothing more than a delusional fantasy on Trump’s part. There is nothing that is going to magically cause millions of votes not to be counted.


At this point Donald Trump is just howling in agony as the election continues to trend against him. We expect major news outlets will call Pennsylvania for Joe Biden by the end of the day, which will give him 273 electoral votes and make him the winner. Trump seems to know the writing is on the wall. Update, 10:22am: Twitter has now plastered over Trump’s tweet with a warning label about it being misleading.

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