How this really plays out for Joe Biden and Donald Trump

History will be kind to Biden. History will not be kind to Trump, and that history is taking place now. TFG’s acolyte, Youngkin, as was expected, has now gone full on Trump, rallying behind the January 6th insurrection to the cheers of fellow Republicans who were threatened on that day. Representative Paul Gosar is tweeting an anime that pictures him murdering AOC with almost zero complaints coming from his colleagues. The Right is now pummeling their politicians with the idea that MAGA is the only way to win. And that’s the best news yet.

The more the Right refuses to censor their violent fringe, the more voters they will lose. January 6th turned off a lot of people and Youngkin knew it which is why he tucked the MAGA in and replaced it with Critical Race Theory. It was all to get those Northern Virginia suburban voters who in most cases vote Blue; they were not very impressed with January 6th and Youngkin was advised well.

The majority of people are sick of Trump which is a big reason why Biden won. And they’re going to get even sicker of him when it comes out that he was behind the mortifying January 6th coup attempt. Merrick Garland cannot ignore the facts and he knows it.

The press is pummeling Biden with his falling ratings, but that’s temporary and he, of all people, knows it. Biden’s been around the block a few times. He and Pelosi see what’s happening. Youngkin ran on the façade of being a moderate because Virginia has many large swathes of Blue areas and that was the only way to get those voters. If he’d been in deep Red Iowa, he’d have fellacioed Trump in front of families, all with their approval.


The point is, Republicans know their weakness and their strength, and it is all Trump. Republicans can play the racist CRT card, or whatever bulls*t fake outrage they find next to campaign upon, but they do it only because their Achilles is Trump. So, when Trump gets his perp walk, which he will, it will certainly divide the country. But not enough. And that’s the best news ever. The more Republicans embrace MAGA, the more voters they will lose. The more they keep the Trump coup high on their approval list, the more voters they will lose. Don’t forget it. Let this history play out in real time.

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