How President Biden won this round

Despite over a decade of Republican-led attempts to repeal it and even a presidency where its demise was the main objective, the Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever. Shortly after President Biden took office, he opened an emergency sign-up period active through August 15. To date, over one million people have enrolled in the Affordable Care Act since January, with many more expected to come.

“One million more Americans who don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about what happens if they or one of their family members gets sick. Through this opportunity for special enrollment, we have made enormous progress in expanding access to health insurance,” said President Biden in a statement, emphasizing the significance of this new number. He went on to urge more Americans to sign up before the deadline passes.

The even better news is that those who enroll in the program now will enjoy coverage with monthly premiums down over 40% from last year, now only paying 8.5% of their income, and President Biden has also made sure to seize this particular moment as the capital needed for passing the upcoming American Families Act, which would make the lower premiums permanent. Once again, President Biden has put the American people over himself, with a laser focus on how his plans will help make life easier for the average American – one of the key differences we’ve seen between this administration and the previous one.

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