How many times can they get this wrong?

No matter what happens during Tuesday’s primetime January 6th Committee criminal contempt hearing, most pundits are already laying the groundwork for insisting that Steve Bannon has somehow magically come out on top. Even if Bannon left the hearing in handcuffs โ€“ which he won’t, because this isn’t a reality show โ€“ the pundits would still insist Bannon was winning.

Why? It always comes down to the same one-word answer: ratings. Unfortunately, the more you can scare and outrage your audience, the more people you can keep tuned in. And if you can keep your ratings high that way, then you don’t even have to be insightful or correct. We know this, because the pundits who will spend Tuesday spinning doom and gloom have already been proven incorrect on this particular matter.

When the Senate failed to create a January 6th probe this summer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly stated during a press conference that she would just end up creating the probe herself. But the doomsday pundits nonetheless spent all summer falsely insisting that January 6th would go un-investigated, and that the Capitol attackers would “get away with it all.”


Now the same pundits, who spent all year lying to you about how there wouldn’t be a January 6th Committee, are insisting that the January 6th Committee won’t get anywhere. They just keep moving the goal posts like this โ€“ and they hope you won’t notice. The worst of doomsday pundits won’t stop behaving like this until you start holding them accountable for their always-misleading doomsday hysteria.

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