How Joe Biden saved Christmas

While the GOP is continuing their age-old tradition of screaming about a supposed War on Christmas every December that almost no one outside their base actually believes, they were hoping they could score extra points this year of all years due to a backlog of shipments largely due to the pandemic and accuse President Biden of trying to cancel Christmas. Like nearly every preposterous thing the GOP like to complain about long enough, this actually got some traction for awhile in the mainstream media, with pundits concerned about the backlog of the supply chain and how problematic it would be during a pandemic.

However, after careful negotiations with a number of business leaders, the Biden administration got the issue resolved in a relatively short time frame by having several teams work overtime to unload the supplies. While a few conservative pundits tried to play this card over the last few weeks, it’s mostly been a non-issue to the average consumer.


Not only has the U.S. Postal Service successfully managed to deliver 99% of their packages on time, with FedEx only reporting a slightly lower rate, but even The New York Times has decided to do a feature on why this fear among consumers and pundits alike never quite materialized. Even though the damage has been done, we now have a major media outlet wondering why they made the wrong call. Pay attention to this cycle when you see it in the future – particularly the ones who are the most outspoken about the situation before it has escalated into a crisis – and these are the people you should probably ignore when getting your news.

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