How Donald Trump blew it

Two months ago, Trump and his administration could have taken 8 simple steps that would have helped prevent a panic, limit exposure and stem the spread of the Coronavirus without even having to say that he agreed with the CDC.

1: Tell people that they should be cautious but not panic
2: Reach out to manufacturers of PPE and other health supplies to ask them to increase production
3: Negotiate government contracts to buy such items in bulk to get the best rate
4: Notify governors that such contracts were being negotiated

5: Notify the national retailers association that they should take steps to prevent hoarding (as always happens before any crisis)
6: Notify the American public that there will not be food shortages and that while there may be some delays, no one should worry about supplies
7: Reassure the American people that regardless of what happens, the government was taking every step necessary.
8: Not purposely lie.

Instead, Trump blocked the release of information and the ability to be proactive. More importantly, he deliberately lied to and misled the American public (and the world) in an illogical attempt to protect his image. He could have saved the world. Instead he almost single-handedly ensured the (hopefully, temporary) collapse of a nation.

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