How are they supposed to top this?

– Donald Trump is now going on television and insisting that he lost the election because of “massive dumps.” How are SNL and Alec Baldwin even supposed to top that?

– Just fifty days until Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes control of the @PressSec account on Twitter, and we can finally start believing what’s coming from it.

– Important message from Dr. Fauci, by way of Peter Morley:


– Trump now insists there’s “NO WAY” he lost the election. The evidence he’s provided of this: a video of a large crowd at one of his rallies. It’s the latest reminder that drawing huge crowds is never an indicator of voter turnout. It wasn’t true for Eugene Debs in 1912, it wasn’t true for Wendell Willkie in 1944, and it wasn’t true for Trump either. Not that Trump knows anything about American history.

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