House Republicans just lost their imaginary friend

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Republicans have spent inordinate amounts of time (and taxpayer dollars) on their “investigations.” Jim Jordan has been poking around in the New York DA’s business, while James Comer has been blowing up the airwaves about his “confidential informant” who will prove that President Joe Biden and his son corruptly earned money from foreign entities. Right beside Comer is Chuck Grassley, who claimed that President Biden was involved in a “criminal scheme” while he was vice president involving a foreign national. Both men could have had eggs for breakfast, but they instead ended up with them on their faces.

Late last week, Grassley admitted that his claims “may have been false.” So, are they false or not? “May have been” tells us nothing. When he issued his joint statement with Comer, Grassley claimed that the DOJ has a document from 2020 that proves President Biden’s involvement. Wonder what happened to that? Grassley also claimed that “the FBI’s recent history of botching politically charged investigations demand close congressional oversight.” The only “botching” the FBI has done is that they have not yet found anything to stick to Donald Trump. The nerve of Comer and Grassley to try to pin something on President Biden when they play “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” over all the things Donald Trump has done.

By the time Friday rolled around, Newsweek reported that Grassley, who appeared on Newsmax with Greta Van Susteren, had no evidence whatsoever to back up his claims. Continuing his walk of shame, Grassley told Faux News that he was unable to confirm any “criminal activity.” What a shock. Comer isn’t much better.

Comer also made it to Faux News, only to say that they haven’t been able to find their “key witness.” That’s probably because he or she doesn’t exist and is more of an imaginary friend than a witness. Comer told Maria Bartiromo that “we can’t track down the informant” and that they’re “hopeful the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the information. The whistleblower is very credible.” He now claims that of the “9 or 10 people” who have knowledge of Comer’s investigation are “either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.” Seriously? So, 9 or 10 people have mysteriously disappeared, just when the House Oversight Committee was ready to nail President Biden? Ludicrous.


Ian Sams, Special Assistant to the President and spokesperson for the White House Counsel’s Office, told Newsweek that these “investigations” are without merit and are nothing more than “politically-motivated attacks against the president and his family without offering evidence for their claims or evidence of decisions influenced by anything other than U.S. interests.” That’s about the size of things. These “investigations” are nothing more than tit-for-tat for Donald Trump’s numerous problems. The difference, however, is that Donald Trump really is a crook, and no one is surprised by any accusations made against him. They need to get back to the business for which they are being paid-the people’s business-instead of wasting money and time on their frivolous “investigations.”

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