House Republicans implode during Merrick Garland’s testimony

Attorney General Merrick Garland testified in front of Congress on this week. He was asked many questions. He was asked questions by the Democrats about deeply concerning issues that face our country. And Garland spoke confidently and reassuringly.

The Republicans questioned him as well. And they asked questions about deeply concerning issues as well. Some of these issues include prosecuting Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden’s artwork, and why Garland dares to look into MAGA, who make terrorist threats at school board meetings.

As House Republican Fitzgerald inelegantly put it, why is Garland involved in “the silencing of parents?”

She lives rent-free in their heads. It is embarrassing. They really need to change their name and call themselves the “no ideas” party. Or perhaps the sedition party.

Garland, to his credit, remained unflappable. I think very highly of Garland and was deeply impressed with his verbal presentation here. And now we must talk about Ted Lieu of California. Ted eviscerated the GOP. When it was his turn to speak, he mentioned his wife had been one of the people targeted at these school board meetings.

Lieu let loose on the GOP’s complete reluctance to step up and protect teachers and parents from vicious terrorist threats. He called their behavior “shameful.”

THESE are the stories the world must hear about. THESE are the happenings that Middle America must observe and know about because we have a party, which is beyond dysfunctional and is now openly encouraging threats against teachers.


The GOP has failed. They have failed our friends in blue. They have failed our military. They have failed our teachers. They have failed this nation.

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