House Republicans are turning on each other as Donald Trump circles the drain

First we heard reports that Mitch McConnell was encouraging Senate Republicans to distance themselves from Donald Trump if they needed to do it to win their respective races, which isn’t necessarily good news because it could change the narrative to better benefit the GOP. Now there are signs that the state of House Republicans seeking re-election may not be a whole lot better off, particularly with polling suggesting that Democrats could gain as many as 10 new House seats.

It gets worse. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who you mostly know from his demented remarks to defend Donald Trump and his party, could be facing a problem of his own, depending on how poorly the GOP fares in November.

According to The Washington Post, there is a growing number of Republicans talking about a potential challenger for McCarthy as party leader should Donald Trump lose re-election. The thing is, they’re not concerned that he isn’t being loyal enough to Trump, as is often the case, but that he might be too close to Trump, favoring him over the well-being of the GOP. This is a sign that things are even worse than we thought, especially since not a single House Republican voted for Trump’s impeachment and they can’t really accuse anyone of being a Trump sycophant.

Democratic candidates are pulling between 8-10 points ahead of Republicans in the polls, and while the GOP is in disarray, it’s time that we pool our resources and take down not just Donald Trump but all three Republican leaders on November 3.

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