House Republican Steve Scalise just came right out and said it


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I’d like you to do me a favor. Please save this article. And if and when you encounter anyone undecided voter — show them this. Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise has just said it.

If the GOP wins back to power, they will move on “day one” to enact a federal abortion law. I will say it again: If the GOP wins back to power, they will move on DAY ONE to enact a federal abortion ban.

Press hit “send” and forward this article, please. Press send — over and over and over again. You knew, did you not, it was all a lie? You knew the GOP was never interested in “States Rights.”

Everything they accuse us of, they are — and they do. That is the true way to unlock the secret of who the GOP is. They are whatever they accuse us of. And another thing that is important to know:

If anyone reading this doesn’t think one of the first things Republicans would do if they succeeded in grabbing power is eliminate the filibuster, I’ve got some hard truths for you.

It can be and will be. Is the GOP eliminating the filibuster? If they won — I’d give it maybe a few weeks before this came up. Remember — they have no scruples. Women, I ask you this. Do you enjoy the freedoms that other women so long ago, fought so tirelessly for?

Do you sometimes marvel at the beauty of being an independent being? Of breathing in the fragrant air of an all-inclusive America? Do you bubble over with joy at how far women have come? At how free we are and how unrestrained?

Do you marvel at how do many women run their own companies? Provide for their families? Decide when and if they have a baby? Then this article’s for you. I am sure you never thought those very things you held to so tightly could be under attack.

But they are. And they’re under attack from a political party that is no longer a party. They have devolved. And to protect your rights — our rights — this country’s rights — it is imperative that you vote Blue in November. It is vital that you vote Blue to preserve womens’ most precious freedoms.


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