House Republican admits GOP is a sinking ship

House Republican Adam Kinzinger was on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday. When asked about the GOP’s internal conflict over ousting Liz Cheney from leadership for speaking the truth about Trump’s election loss and the insurrection, Kinzinger said “Cheney is [consistently] saying exactly what Kevin McCarthy said the day of the insurrection.” Weeks later, “McCarthy changed to attacking other people.”

Kinzinger likened the GOP to the Titanic, “in the middle of a slow sink. We have a band playing on the deck saying everything is fine.” Meanwhile, “Trump’s running around trying to find women’s clothing to get on the first lifeboat.”

I would take this analogy even further. Republicans are destroying lifeboats. Certain Republican governors decided some unemployed are refusing to return to work due to the extra $300 unemployment benefit provided in Biden’s Covid relief plan, so they’re just going to stop providing it.

Someone needs to explain to these Rethuglicans in language they can understand that their constituents are not refusing to return to work because they’re living “high-off-the-hog” on $300 a week. There is child care crisis in this country that Biden also plans to solve with the American Families Plan, but the GOP wants to destroy that lifeboat as well. They are only delaying it, hurting numerous voters in the meantime — mostly women — who can take away the their power just as easily as they have thwarted them elsewhere.

These latest Einstein moves are in addition to the GOP movement making it as difficult as possible to vote. This will only make voters more likely and determined to salvage those lifeboats, survive and vote — against them.

Rethuglican Governors are destroying more lifeboats by pummeling their states economy and constituents’ safety through their dangerous Covid policies. Some have banned vaccination passports for political reasons, leaving businesses hamstrung, with no choice but to remain closed or move elsewhere, as the economy around them recovers.

The good news for Democrats is these self-destructive trends within the GOP only guarantee surviving voters will not only give Democrats more seats in the US House and Senate, but control of a few states they’ve held too long as well.

As Kinzinger said he and others keep trying to tell the GOP, “Guys, this is not good,” we proudly say to all, “Guys and gals, things are going to be great!”

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