Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee take their desperate final Trump-Russia swing

Palmer Report has been warning you since the middle of last year that this was coming eventually: the Trump-controlled House Intelligence Committee has released a report today which makes the laugh-out-loud conclusion that there was “no collusion” between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia during the election. So what does this mean? What will come of this? And where does Trump-Russia go from here?

As we’ve explained all along, the House Intel Committee was always going to strategically release this report this with this conclusion in the end, in spite of the facts. In fact, we’ve pointed out that House Intel was racing through interviews with Trump-Russia witnesses as quickly as it could, so that it could publish its fraudulent findings before any of the legitimate congressional investigations (Senate Intel, Senate Judiciary, etc) could get their fact-based reports out the door. There are three important things to understand about today’s House Intel report.

The first is that this report carries no legal weight whatsoever. It won’t interfere with any of the legal maneuvering that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is carrying out. No Trump-Russia suspect will be able to point to this House Intel report in a court of law, and say “See, I was exonerated!” This is merely an attempt at confusing the general public about what really happened, in an attempt at turning the tide of public opinion in Trump’s favor.

The second thing to understand here is that this is a desperation ploy, and that desperation ploys rarely work. It doesn’t matter how Fox News covers this House Intel Committee report; those viewers are already on Donald Trump’s side. It matters more how the legitimate news outlets cover it, but the reality is that this report is unlikely to change a single mind among the public. The third thing to understand here is that this was Trump’s last, best swing at trying to sabotage the Trump-Russia investigation. If this report flops, or largely flops, it’ll mean Trump is out of ammo.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report