House GOP goes berserk as Nancy Pelosi slam dunks Donald Trump on House floor

House Democrats have decided to pass a resolution formally condemning Donald Trump’s racist attacks on four Congresswomen, and thanks to the Democratic majority, the resolution will pass the House easily. The trick: due to outdated rules that clearly didn’t take a piece of filth like Donald Trump into account, House members aren’t supposed to disparage the President from the House floor. So how could the Democrats even introduce their resolution?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decided that she would be the one to bite the bullet this evening. She spoke out from the House floor about Donald Trump’s racism, while calling for Trump to be formally condemned. This prompted House Republicans to go berserk, insisting that she be silenced because she dared to speak the ugly truth about a racist thug like Trump. This brought House proceedings to a grinding halt.

Eventually the House Parliamentarian ruled that Pelosi did indeed violate House rules, and that she wouldn’t be allowed to speak from the House floor for the rest of the day. But so what? [Update: House Democrats voted to reinstate her speaking rights anyway]. She got her message across, and now the resolution is in play. Also, after the House GOP forced a vote on whether to strike Pelosi’s remarks from the record, that effort failed – meaning her words calling out Trump’s racism will remain on the record. So where does this leave us?

By doing what she did, Nancy Pelosi just significantly raised the profile of the resolution condemning Donald Trump’s racism. It’ll pass, and now it’s clear to all that it has her full enthusiastic backing. Whether anyone else sees it this way yet or not, Pelosi and the House Democrats just took a big step closer to impeachment.

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