We’re now just hours away from learning a lot more about Michael Cohen’s dirt on Donald Trump

Just when you thought the Michael Cohen saga might be over with respect to exposing Donald Trump’s crimes, the whole thing just took an unexpected major turn. As it turns out, we’re about to learn a whole lot more about it. In fact we’re suddenly just hours away from what appears to be a deluge.

For quite some time now, multiple major media outlets have been fighting to get their hands on copies of the search warrant and the seized materials from the FBI raid of Michael Cohen’s office. The Feds have been fighting against this, arguing that it’s all part of an ongoing investigation. While not explicitly stated, the unmistakable implication has been that the evidence seized in the raid is being used to build the SDNY criminal case against Donald Trump. But today a judge ruled that these materials must be publicly released tomorrow.

To be clear, these documents will be partially redacted. But this is different from situations like the one in which Robert Mueller redacted nearly the entire Michael Flynn sentencing memo, because it was entirely at his discretion, and no one was fighting him on it. In this instance, the SDNY has to do the redactions in a manner which complies with the judge’s ruling that the media has a right to the documents, which means those redactions should be comparatively light.

The net result is that we’re about to learn a lot tomorrow. When Michael Cohen testified before Congress this month, he brought a few stray pieces of evidence that he’d hunted down of his own accord. But tomorrow we’re going to get a peek at what all was seized from his office, which is a motherlode when it comes to the crimes that Cohen committed at Donald Trump’s instruction.