We’re only a few hours into Donald Trump’s impeachment, and Trump is already soiling himself

Donald Trump’s impeachment formally began today, with a House Judiciary Committee vote making its impeachment probe official. As we’ve explained, impeachment is a long, complicated, multi-step process that will be the most useful in exposing Trump’s crimes and antics to a broader audience, and driving his poll numbers into untenable territory, whether he’s ultimately removed before the election or not.

We’re now just a few hours into Donald Trump’s impeachment, and Trump is already soiling himself over it. Trump is already making up laughably fake quotes, such as “We can’t beat him, so lets impeach him,” and falsely attributing them to Democratic members of Congress. Trump’s people have also leaked today that they’re planning to bring false charges against former FBI official Andrew McCabe, in an obvious attempt at retribution, as McCabe is one of the people who helped to expose Trump’s crimes.

Trump is acting in increasingly bizarre fashion across the board today. He’s insisting on Twitter that his former National Security Adviser John Bolton was “holding me back!” If so, why didn’t he fire the guy sooner? Why did he hire him in the first place? Trump’s ranting has become so erratic, he no longer appears to understand what might actually help or hurt him in the perception department.

This is all simply because impeachment officially began today. Nothing has happened yet, beyond a vote. No impeachment witnesses have testified in televised hearings yet. No impeachment evidence has been publicly released yet. Donald Trump is panicking simply because impeachment is beginning – and he knows what the witnesses and evidence are going to have to say about his crimes.

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