Federal judge is just hours away from blowing up Donald Trump’s financial scandals

Donald Trump has been flying off the handle even more frantically than usual of late, and there are a number of reasons for that. One of those reasons, which isn’t getting as much attention as it should amid all the chaos, centers around a court hearing just hours from now which is set to make Trump’s financial scandals explode.

Various banks and financial institutions are in the process of turning Donald Trump’s financial records over to House Democrats. Trump recently filed for a series injunctions in the hope of stopping this process, for fear that his lifetime of financial crimes and financial ineptitude will be publicly exposed. Trump probably can’t ultimately win any of these legal battles, so his best hope is to use the courts to drag the process out for as long as possible. Thus far it isn’t exactly going his way.

Trump’s suit against his own accounting firm, Mazars, is being handled by Federal Judge Amit Mehta. Last week Mehta stated that he plans to fast track the process, and the language he used strongly hinted that he’s planning to rule against Trump at the hearing tomorrow. In such case, it’ll be unlikely that any subsequent appeal effort would succeed for Trump, or take very long.

The real upshot of tomorrow’s ruling is that it would establish precedent for the various other legal maneuvers that Donald Trump is using to try to stop the likes of Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and Capital One. Trump is now begging the judge in the Mazars case to move more slowly, but there’s no indication that the judge has any interest in that. This should go south for Trump fast.

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