Trump hotel goes permanently out of business

Donald Trump keeps insisting that he magically fixed the pandemic, and that the economy is now booming. Tell that to all the people in the United States who are still losing loved ones, and to the tens of millions of people who are out of work. Trump’s inept negligence hasn’t just impacted the U.S. economy, either.

The Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver “temporarily” shut down two months ago, but now the Vancouver Sun newspaper is reporting that it’s officially going out of business for good. Remarkably, the hotel only lasted about three years before going under.

Trump Vancouver is yet another property that’s branded and operated by the Trump Organization, but is owned and financed by others. In other words, Trump mismanaged this property into the ground and he mismanaged the economy to the point that his hotel couldn’t survive.

This raises the question of why real estate financiers keep mistakenly thinking that Donald Trump’s brand has any value to it. In Trump’s former hometown of New York, various buildings keep removing Trump’s name from their branding. It seems only a matter of time before his name is removed from his beloved “Trump Tower” as well.

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