Mike Pence involved in bizarre scandal involving a horse

Mike Pence, a creepy weirdo who calls his wife “mother” and who seems obsessed with taking basic rights away from women and LGBT people, has found himself involved in an increasing number of scandals of late. There was his controversial stay at a Trump hotel. There was the report that he and Trump are feuding about whether Pence will run in 2024. But now Pence finds himself involved a rather bizarre scandal โ€“ involving a horse of all things.

For reasons known only to him, Mike Pence decided to visit triple crown winning horse American Pharoah last year. Pence is now claiming that the horse bit him, according to USA Today. Yes, this is somehow a real story. We’re not sure why Pence would have waited a year before coming forward with an accusation against a horse (was he afraid the horse would retaliate?), nor are we clear on why a jerk like Pence would think that a horse wouldn’t bite him. But now it turns out Pence might be lying.

People involved with American Pharaoh are strongly suggesting that the incident couldn’t have happened, because this is the kind of horse that has never bitten anyone, or done anything aggressive in that vein, according to the Miami Herald. So not only is Mike Pence trying to gain sympathy by claiming that a horse bit him, he’s apparently falsely claiming that a horse bit him.

In his own low key way, Mike Pence is every bit as much of a liar and weirdo as Donald Trump is, and in fact in a number of ways Pence is even more of a radical extremist on the issues. But for all of Trump’s scandals โ€“ including not appearing to know that Barron is his kid, and claiming that energy saving bulbs turned him orange, in just the past week โ€“ even Trump has never made false accusations against a horse. Then again, there’s always tomorrow.

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