Mike Pence just kicked over a hornet’s nest

When Mike Pence went out of his way to stay at Donald Trump’s golf resort on the government’s dime, it seemed like a pointless bit of grifting. Why do something so blatant to shove such a relatively small bit of stolen money into Trump’s pocket? Then it came out that Pence was apparently just trying to get back into Trump’s good graces, after a bizarrely delusional feud over the 2024 election. But it turns out Pence has kicked over a hornet’s nest in the process – and it’s stinging him and Trump both.

If Mike Pence was making a point of being intentionally blatant about putting money into Donald Trump’s property so that Trump would know about it, then it was an awfully foolish move in hindsight. Because it was so blatant, the media was able to pick up on it. Now that the media knows what to look for, it’s begun digging for other similar scandals – and it’s already found one.

For instance, it turns out the U.S. military has been caught going out of its way to massively overspend on fuel, in order to prop up a dying airport that one of Trump’s properties depends on. The military is too honorable to do this kind of corrupt crap of its own accord, so the next phase of this will be for the media to dig up the part where Trump ostensibly ordered the military to do it.

We’ll see more of these kinds of Trump pocket-lining scandals surface soon, both because the media is onto the scent, and because dissenters involved in these scandals will now feel empowered to become whistleblowers or leakers. This will all come to light because Mike Pence was so cartoonishly obviously in his own attempt at lining Donald Trump’s pocket. Come to think of it, if Trump and Pence are as deeply on the outs with each other as is being reported, you have to wonder if Pence did this to Trump on purpose, knowing what it would unleash.

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