Hope Hicks sells out Donald Trump

House Democrats have spent weeks seeking a cooperating witness to get things started in the pre-impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, and now they’ve finally landed a very big fish. Even as former White House Counsel Don McGahn and his former Deputy Annie Donaldson have refused to obey House subpoenas at the risk of their own freedom, Hope Hicks has decided today to protect herself by fully selling Trump out.

The first hint of this came last week when the Trump regime illegally ordered Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson not to turn over any documents to Congress, but Hicks went ahead and began turning over documents anyway. At the time, Palmer Report took this as a sign that Hicks might be willing to go all the way by showing up and testifying against Trump.

Now the Washington Post says that Hope Hicks will indeed appear before the House Judiciary Committee one week from today, in order to answer questions about Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice crimes. This is a huge deal because she’ll be the first former member of Donald Trump’s inner circle to testify against him. This will greatly help House Democrats build their case against Trump – and it’ll send a message to other former members of Trump’s team that they don’t have to cower to Trump’s illegal demands.

There are two caveats about Hope Hicks’ testimony, according to the Post. First, she may not answer all of the questions, due to unresolved questions about Donald Trump’s attempts at invoking executive privilege. Second, the testimony will be behind closed doors. Instead a transcript will be released to the media and the public. Most people don’t watch live hearings anyway, as they’re at work during the day. What will matter is how the Hicks testimony transcript is covered by the national news once it’s released.

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