Robert Mueller just nailed Hope Hicks, leaving her no choice but to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump

When it was revealed yesterday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was planning to interview former Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo, Palmer Report pointed out that it was a big deal (link). This was the guy who resigned after Donald Trump conspired with his advisers to cover up Donald Trump Jr’s Russia meeting, presumably because he felt the coverup was a crime. Now it turns out Corallo is planning to nail just about everyone involved.

Not only is Corallo planning to cooperate with Mueller, he’s planning to spill his guts. According to a New York Times report, Corallo will testify that when Donald Trump told his advisers he was worried about the incriminating emails from Donald Trump Jr about the meeting, Hope Hicks told him that the emails “will never get out” (link). In other words, Hicks was promising to destroy the evidence.

This means that Hope Hicks is going to prison unless she cuts a plea deal, if she hasn’t already. It’s one thing for a Trump adviser to have been aware that Donald Trump was plotting to obstruct justice. It’s another for an adviser to have offered Trump ideas on how he could go about obstructing justice. But when you start vowing to suppress or destroy evidence, you’re the one committing felony obstruction of justice.

Through various email scandals, we’ve all learned that there’s virtually no way to “destroy” an email, as there are always copies sitting on some server or computer or phone somewhere. Sure enough, the Donald Trump Jr emails ended up in the hands of the media last summer. Remarkably, Hicks is publicly denying that she said this to Trump. This strongly suggests that she made this same false claim when she was interviewed by Mueller late last year. If so, now he’s got her nailed for lying to a federal agent in addition to obstructing justice. She’s going to have to cut a deal – if she hasn’t already.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report