Homeland Security memo proves the Reuters article about January 6th was indeed a bunch of crap

When Reuters published an article on Friday morning which claimed that the FBI had found little evidence of a January 6th Capitol attack conspiracy, and that Roger Stone and Alex Jones in particular were off the hook, we pointed out in great detail why it was almost surely a bunch of crap.

We also pointed out that these kinds of suspicious articles are often a sign that indictments are about to surface. Sure enough, Alex Jones’ top sidekick was indeed indicted hours later, for his role in the January 6th attack. Now it turns out the Reuters article was even more full of crap than we thought.


The Daily Beast has obtained an internal document from the Department of Homeland Security which spells out in detail how there was indeed “pre-operational coordination” among some of the January 6th attackers. So much for the Reuters claim that there was “scant” evidence of any coordination. This just keeps getting worse for Reuters.

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