Last month Donald Trump erroneously claimed he was building a border wall between Colorado and New Mexico, and it quickly became a punchline. The reality is that Trump isn’t building a wall between the United States and Mexico either, or at least not much of one, as Trump’s “wall” consists of a few miles of new fencing that replaced existing fencing. Now it turns out even that isn’t doing any good.

Mexican gangs have used the kinds of tools you could buy at Home Depot to cut holes in Donald Trump’s new “wall” and they’ve begun smuggling in whatever they like, according to a surreal new report from the Washington Post. Trump’s “wall” has always been a punchline, but now we’re finding out just how much of a punchline it truly is.

No one outside of Donald Trump’s braindead base has ever thought that a wall would actually do much of anything to make the border more secure. Most undocumented immigrants simply fly into U.S. airports and then never go home, while criminal immigrants and smugglers generally use tunnels. Trump’s wall idea is so stupid, neither party in Congress has been willing to fund it, so Trump has largely just pretended his wall has been built, while pretending that a fence is a wall.


Now it turns out the few miles of “wall” (fence) that have been constructed are completely useless, and Mexican gangs are thumbing their noses at Donald Trump’s cartoonish level of ineptitude. This comes even as Trump’s remaining supporters continue to mindlessly chant “build the wall” at his rallies, reminding us that they’re the real punchline.

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