Donald Trump just got hit with some terrible news

Two weeks into Donald Trump’s impeachment, things are moving so quickly and chaotically, it can be difficult to keep track of the developments. It can be even more difficult to figure out who’s winning or losing on any given day (not that anyone in America has been “winning” since Trump illegitimately took office). But Trump just got some really bad news about impeachment.

For all of the noise, bombast, subpoenas, and maniacal tweets involved with the impeachment process, there are only three things that truly matter for now. The first is Trump’s approval rating, which has ticked downward slightly since impeachment began. The second is his head to head polling against his 2020, which is just as ugly for him as ever. This means that thus far at least, impeachment isn’t somehow magically helping him. But the third factor is the one that truly matters right now: pro-impeachment poll numbers.

That brings us to today’s new Washington Post poll, which says that 58% of Americans believe House Democrats were right to open an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, as opposed to just 38% who oppose the impeachment inquiry. This means that a solid and growing majority of Americans are siding with the House Democrats, and it means that fewer people than ever are still siding with Trump.

Palmer Report always cautions against taking any one poll at face value. Instead you want to take that poll and place it within the context of the overall polling trends and averages. But this new poll lines up with what every other major poll has said over the past two weeks: more Americans support the impeachment effort by the day, and fewer people are standing with Trump by the day. That’s the worst possible news for Trump right now.

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