Donald Trump just got hit with terrible news for him

Donald Trump’s fate won’t ultimately be determined by what anyone in politics tries to do or wants to happen. It’ll be decided by the American public, in the form of impeachment polls. Senate Republicans would love to be able to stand with Trump and hope his scandals go away. But in the end they’ll selfishly choose whatever they think gives them the best chance of reelection – and if they come to see him as an anchor holding them down, they’ll throw him overboard. That brings us to today’s news, which is devastating for Trump.

There are two kinds of polls right now: the ones asking if Trump should be impeached by the House, and the ones asking if Trump should then be removed from office by a Senate vote. It’s the latter that Trump, and the Republican Senate, truly have to worry about. Today’s new USA Today poll says that 44% of Americans want Trump removed, as opposed to just 35% of Americans who don’t want him removed. This shows that far more Americans want him ousted than want him to stay. The 35% number also points to Trump losing support among those who have traditionally supported him.

Palmer Report always likes to caution against taking any one poll at face value. The smart way to approach any new poll is to place it within the context of recent polls from other polling outlets who are asking the same question. This new USA Today poll lines up pretty well with the overall trend we’ve seen this past week, in which more Americans want Trump impeached and removed, literally by the day.

Again, the Senate Republicans don’t care about doing the right thing for the country. If they did, they wouldn’t have let this travesty get this far. But they very much care about doing what they think is the right thing for themselves. If these poll numbers keep heading in this direction and it becomes clear that Republican Senators will lose their seats unless they take Donald Trump down, they’ll do it. They’re checking these poll numbers even more frequently than we are. Stay tuned.

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