Yet another high profile Trump White House adviser appears to be on his way out

Last one out of Donald Trump’s White House, be sure to send up a prison flare. After two years of nonstop controversial resignations, firings, scandalous ousters, and in some cases criminal convictions, we’ve finally gone a few weeks without any White House officials departing – but only because there are so few of them left. Now it looks like at least one, and maybe two, names you’ve heard of are about to exit the building.

Several months ago CBS News reported that White House Communications Director Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her Deputy Raj Shah were both planning to resign before the end of the year. We’re now down to the wire when it comes to that particular timeframe, and it’s still not clear what Sanders plans to do. But Shah appears to be a goner. How far gone is he?

For one thing, Shah removed the words “Principal Deputy Press Secretary” from his Twitter bio, and now simply lists himself as “White House” – which could mean anything. Yahoo News is reporting that multiple inside sources now expect Shah to be gone by the end of the calendar year, which is of course today. This leads to an obvious question.

The initial CBS report was that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah were both planning to resign. This suggested that they were making this move in coordinated fashion, and that Shah was bailing at least partly because his boss Sanders was bailing. But if he’s indeed leaving, what about her? We have a feeling today could make for an interesting news day.

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