Hey Kyrsten Sinema…

Hey Kyrsten Sinema, you’ve clearly given up trying to do your job, or even trying to get reelected in 2024. Voters are turning against you, in your state of Arizona and nationwide. Instead of even meeting with political leaders, you’re busy attending dark money fundraisers.

You seem to think you can just run out the clock for three years and retire to some lucrative lobbying gig provided by your new right wing friends. You’re wrong. We’re going to shine a spotlight on all of your dark money corruption. We’re going to make you so radioactive, the dark money folks will feel compelled to distance themselves from you. After all, shadowy figures don’t like the spotlight.


We’re going to end up breaking you, Senator Sinema. Your right wing pals are going to abandon you, and you’re going to find yourself desperate to keep yourself politically viable. That’s when you’re going to end up caving and voting for infrastructure and voting rights. You might as well just do it now, Sinema. Regardless of what corrupt and whacked out games you’d prefer to play, the stakes are just too high. We won’t rest until we force you to cave.

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